Requesting from US lenders

Currently, we are reviewing our policies and procedures for requesting ILLs from American lenders.
In the meantime, if you have a VDX request you would like sent to US lenders, please follow these guidelines.

An item will be considered a good candidate for requesting from the USA if

  • the borrowing library is willing to incur ILL charges and pay for return shipping
  • it is not owned by a library in Canada
  • it costs more than $20 to purchase
  • the item is not an audiovisual item or paperback
  • the patron does not require the item immediately (i.e. within the next 6 weeks)

If these conditions are met, then submit a "report a problem" webform request in VDX with the following information:

  • "Please look for US lenders for this request"
  • ILL number
  • title
  • maximum $ amount your library or the patron accepts in ILL charges (not including return shipping)
  • date when item will no longer be required (if available)

Chinook Arch will send requests to US lenders on your behalf.  Invoices will be directed to the borrowing library or node.  Return shipping is the responsibility of the borrowing library.  Also, be advised that transit times between the US and Canada often takes 4 weeks or more.  Please bear this in mind and mention transit times to your patrons if they want to request from US lenders.

A VDX-integrated solution for US requesting is anticipated soon.  We will advise you when our new system is in place! Let us know if you have any questions or comments about this topic.