Centralized Interlibrary Loan for some Edmonton area Academic Libraries

As of yesterday, the University of Alberta will be acting as a Centralized Interlibrary Loan Service for the libraries listed below.  Please be advised that requests submitted to these libraries will now be processed by the University of Alberta (AEU) Interlibrary Loan office. If VDX is building the rota, it will automatically select AEU for these locations; this information is intended for anyone who would manually add one of these locations to the rota.
ARDC - Red Deer College, Library (Red Deer, AB)
AGPC - Grande Prairie Regional College, GPRC Library (Grande Prairie, AB)
AFFC - Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC), Fairview Campus, Library (Fairview, AB)
AEKC - King's University College, Simona Maaskant Library (Edmonton, AB)
AEC - Concordia University College of Alberta, Arnold Guebert Library (Edmonton, AB)
ACHCU - Canadian University College, Library (Lacombe, AB)

All materials perviously borrowed directly from one of those libraries should be returned directly to that library.
Anything requested via AEU is shipped from AEU and should be returned to AEU.  The university of Alberta will be treating these libraries like one of their branch libraries (eg. Augustana), retrieving items from their collection when needed and doing the shipping from AEU.  The items are also to be returned to AEU and they will then send back to the owning library.  AEU does not foresee an issue with the shipping of materials between each location as they have operated daily shipments with them for many years as NEOS partners.