When I create a user record, what fields to I have to fill in?

Make sure you fill in the BARCODE field (start with the prefix for your city or region!), NAMES, and EMAIL, if you have it. The JOIN DATE fields will auto-populate but you will have to manually enter the ALTERNATE BARCODE (this is the patron's barcode as it appears in your ILS.  If you want to add an address and phone number, SAVE the record after filling in the 3 mandatory fields, then open the user record again to see the link to add "NEW ADDRESS."  There will be specific fields for address and phone numbers.

We recommend that you DON'T fill in the EXPIRY DATE field.  You can't delete it once it's entered!  You can edit it, however.  You may want to set it for a date long in the future so your patron's ability to get requests processed is not hampered.