Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is done in order to ensure that there is no problems created from duplicate barcodes.

Make sure you fill in the BARCODE field (start with the prefix for your city or region!), NAMES, and EMAIL, if you have it. The JOIN DATE fields will auto-populate but you will have to manually enter the ALTERNATE BARCODE (this is the patron's barcode as it appears in your ILS.  If you want to add an address and phone number, SAVE the record after filling in the 3 mandatory fields, then open the user record again to see the link to add "NEW ADDRESS."  There will be specific fields for address and phone numbers.

We recommend that you DON'T fill in the EXPIRY DATE field.  You can't delete it once it's entered!  You can edit it, however.  You may want to set it for a date long in the future so your patron's ability to get requests processed is not hampered.

To complete a request essentially means you are just removing that request from your work queue.  It is a private action that only you can see was done.  It does NOT update the status of a request or send any message to your ILL partner on the request, so if a request was "pending" or "in process" before you completed it, it will stay that way after you complete it!  It is best to complete only those requests that have been "returned", terminated, or those that are in your Idle or End of Rota queues.

When you cancel a request, you send a cancellation request to the current lender in the request's rota.  When that cancellation goes through, then the request will go to the next lender in the rota. 

When you terminate a request, a cancellation request goes to the current lender AND VDX stops the request from moving to other lenders.  Then the request will move to your "Terminated" queue and will be marked with the message, "Request No Longer Required." 

This message will display when VDX feels the actions taken on a request do not follow a logical sequence. For example if a request is updated with the action Not Supplied and then Received.  Basically, you can IGNORE this message and the "rejection" status, and continue updating the request normally.

No. If you manually add a library to the rota, then you want the authorization status set to "Authorized". By choosing "To be authorized", you are asking VDX to build a rota and it may delete what you have entered into the rota.

There are several reasons this may happen. One reason is that the item may be owned but not available; VDX will not add a library to the rota if the item is checked out, being held or transferred. Another reason is that VDX could not tell that two records are for the same item. Usually this is caused by slight cataloguing differences in the title or if there isn’t an ISBN in the request.

 Our VDX database has been hosted on OCLC's servers in Kansas since October 2012.  For answers as to why we moved to hosted service and what that means for our stakeholders, see this document entitled, "Patron Privacy and VDX: FAQ."